Thumbnail for Video: One of Knowledge Panel Attribute Comes From WebFacts Generation 2 on Tabasco's Brand SERP

Key Moments in episode 160 of the Daily Brand SERP series:

00:00 The Brand SERP for Tabasco
00:07 Tabasco’s great piece of branding
00:16 A typical product Brand SERP
00:27 What is in the Headquarters Knowledge Panel attribute?
00:44 Kalicube Pro’s Knowledge Panel Attribute Sources
01:28 Practical Tip: Tabasco’s KP Attribute comes from WebFacts 2nd Gen. 😉

One of Tabasco’s Knowledge Panel Attribute Comes From WebFacts Generation 2!

Knowledge Panels often contain attributes that are highly visible, crucial pieces of information about an entity. Google gathers this information from the web and it is usually a mystery where the information comes from.

Part of Kalicube Pro’s job is to track where these valuable sources come from. As of December 2021, they can come from 3rd Party Sources, Google Sources, WebFacts and WebFacts 2nd Gen.

  • 3rd Party sources – curated by humans such as Wikipedia and Wikidata.
  • Google sources – curated by humans through Google products such as Google Business and Google Podcast.
  • WebFacts – deduced by Google’s Knowledge Graph algorithms from the information on websites, based on a seed set of trusted sources.
  • WebFacts 2nd Gen. – deduced by Google’s Knowledge Graph algorithms from the information in Google’s web index.

For the Headquarters attribute in Tabasco’s Knowledge Panel, where Google shows the source site, the system used is WebFacts 2nd Gen, and the source is the brand’s website itself! Groovy!

If you want to learn more about Knowledge Panel sources, watch this clip until the end.

Kalicube’s #DailyBrandSERP  December 15th 2021 presented by the Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard.


Hi and welcome, I’m Jason Barnard. I’m the Brand SERP Guy and today, we’re looking at the Brand SERP for Tabasco. Apparently it’s the #1 Hot Sauce Asked For By Name. That’s a great piece of branding, right at the top of the Brand SERP. Great work by Tabasco.

As you scroll down, we can see a fairly typical product Brand SERP with popular products that they actually sell, which are all different types of sources. They’ve got their Video Boxes. Absolutely awesome. But I wanted to focus here on this right hand side. This piece of information here, the ”Headquarters: Avery Island” and Google has got that information from Tabasco’s own site.

The machine has made its mind up. This is WebFacts, I’m calling them. And at Kalicube, we’re tracking where Google gets the information for these Attributes in the Knowledge Panel. Now, the blue is 3rd Party human curated, such as Wikipedia, Wikidata and so on and so forth. The red line is Google Sources that are human curators, such as Google My Business, the feedback forms, Google podcasts, so on and so forth. The yellow line is WebFacts, which is information that Google has deduced for itself, from information it has found on its web crawl.

And this I believe is from a very closed seat set. And the green line is WebFacts 2nd Gen. where I believe that seat set has been semi let go, perhaps totally let go. And the machine is truly making up its own mind and here for Tabasco, this is WebFacts Generation 2. I think this is gonna be a big thing in 2022.

Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

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