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Kalicube is a digital marketing agency that is pioneering the concept of Brand SERP optimisation and knowledge panel management. Learn more on https://kalicube.com/about/

Products and Services: 

Kalicube offers Kalicube Pro SaaS, a cloud-based platform that helps brands and people optimise their Brand SERP and manage their knowledge panel. Learn more about the Kalicube Pro Saas platform on https://kalicube.pro. The company also offers Brand SERP and knowledge panel courses and bespoke consultancy services.


Kalicube was founded in 2015 and since its inception has specialised in helping companies and people optimise their Brand SERP. The company is based in Aubais, France and serves clients worldwide.

Key people: 

The CEO is Jason Barnard.


Kalicube’s target audience is reputation management professionals, SEO practitioners and digital marketers.