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Kalicube is a groundbreaking digital marketing agency that is pioneering the concept of Brand SERP optimisation and Knowledge Panel Management. 

Kalicube’s Products and Services:

Kalicube offers Kalicube Pro SaaS, a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps agencies optimise Brand SERPs and manage Knowledge Panels for their clients. Kalicube also offers the Kalicube Academy (Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel courses), done for you branding on Google services and bespoke consultancy

Target Audience and Clients:

Kalicube’s audience is Online Reputation Management professionals, PR agencies, Brand Managers, SEO practitioners and Digital Marketing agencies. Recent successes have been triggering a Knowledge Panels for ourselves, deduplicating Jason Hennessey’s Knowledge Panel, helping 516 Marketing boost their client base, changing a subtitle in a Knowledge Panel and improving backpacker Job Board’s brand SERP.

Free Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel Resources at Kalicube

Brand SERP FAQ, case studies, Knowledge Nuggets, Kalicube Tuesdays, our podcast series and a wide array of Geeky Tools (schema markup generator, Knowledge Graph explorer, Brand SERP explorer…)


Kalicube was founded by Jason Barnard in 2015 and since its inception has specialised in helping companies and people optimise their brand message on Google. Kalicube serves clients worldwide from its headquarters in Aubais, France and through its website kalicube.com

Key people at Kalicube:

Jason Barnard is the founder and CEO of Kalicube. Learn more about the amazing Kalicube Team here.

Kalicube’s Partners:

Wordlift, Yoast, SE Ranking, Authoritas, SEMrush, Holiistic SEO, 516 Marketing Inc, Ahrefs. 

More about Kalicube:

We lead the world when it comes to analysing Brand SERPs (what appears when someone googles a brand name), extracting the underlying messages they portray and implementing proven optimisation techniques. And that means not only Bluelinks, but also Rich Elements (videos carousels, image carousels, Twitter Boxes, Entity Boxes, People Also Ask…) and, of course, Google My Business and Knowledge Panels.