Knowledge Panel Subtitle Changes

Multiple people have reported subtitle changes in their Knowledge Panel. Bill Slawski’s changed from “Consultant” to “Search Engine Technology” (Shurely Shome Mishtake, that should technologist, but hey !) And for Matt Artz, the subtitle has been ping-ponging from Musician to Podcaster, back to Musician and now (it seems permanently) back to Podcaster. This change for […]

Knowledge Graph Depth Changes

I think something BIG just happened in Google-Knowledge-Graph-World. The depth of the Knowledge Graph seems to have changed… for the deeper. The last #knowledgegraph update on November 12th was 4 times less volatile than any other previous. That was curious so I mapped the average number of entities returned by a query and there is […]

Disappearing Knowledge Panels for Well Known Brands

Following the Knowledge Graph update yesterday (29th October 2021), there has been some chatter around missing / losing knowledge panels. As with any Google algo or dataset update, there are “winners and losers”. But in this case, it seems to be well-known brands losing out, which is a little unusual. Reuben Yau pointed out Search […]

Knowledge Graph Update 29th October 2021

There was another Knowledge Graph update 29th October 2021. As always, the number of entities that saw a shift in the confidence score was around 80%. As always, this will trigger some knowledge panel volatility too. This time, it seems to be more than usual. But always remember that the correlation is always partial since […]

Empty Knowledge Panels Appearing on Google

Google has been triggering Knowledge Panels that have no content – not even a name. These are not triggered on normal searches, just when searching with the kgmid : These empty knowledge panels come from the Web Index Knowledge Graph vertical. Here is a Twitter thread about that from August:

Sticky Filter Pills on Knowledge Panels

Google has been testing sticky filters in the form of pills on knowledge panels in the US for a few weeks. Quick explanation: when the user clicks on a filter they get a search result focussed on that facet of the person’s life and career. That alone makes it an incredibly important aspect of Knowledge […]

Knowledge Panel in 15 Minutes

When creating events for the Kalicube Tuesdays series, I try to track how long it takes between publishing the event and the event triggering a knowledge panel on Google SERP. Today, it took 15 minutes, which is pretty good. The fastest so far is 4 minutes. Events currently get special treatment in the Knowledge Graph… […]

Podcast Knowledge Panels

Today we saw a lot of podcasts getting a knowledge panel in Google SERPs. This appears to have been a massive switch by Google “turning on” the podcast knowledge vertical. Thanks to Matt Artz for pointing this out to me (see Twitter threads below). Mordy Oberstein suggests that this is a follow up to the […]

New Knowledge Panel Design on Desktop

Desktop knowledge panels are looking more and more like the ones we see on desktop. As of September 2021 Google is testing having the coloured pills for filtering results showing different facets of the entity at the top of the page (very visible). From right to left, the current design, the design Google has been testing […]