YouTube Carousel on Kalicube's Brand SERP

Here is a lovely new Rich Element (SERP Feature) Google is testing in the US. A carousel of videos from a YouTube channel. This is in addition to the usual video carousels, and the two can appear together as shown here.

It is the YouTube equivalent of Twitter boxes – recent activity from the brand’s channel. In the example below, the most recent is a few hours. So far, the fastest we have seen is 4 hours, but I imagine as this feature evolves, the speed will increase and we can expect to see updates within a few minutes, or perhaps few seconds, like Twitter Boxes 🙂

Google is really pushing videos. If you haven’t got a solid video strategy, now is the time to start, they are engaging for your audience, and look great (and can double up) on your Brand SERP.

YouTube Carousel on Kalicube’s Brand SERP

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