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In this short video clip, Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy from Kalicube, shares how he used his own website,, to influence Google’s representation of a music band, The Barking Dogs. Jason introduces groovy techniques for displaying albums and songs, demonstrates innovative use of images, and explains the impact this has on businesses. Dive into the journey of a song, Basta!’, and experience the power of Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels. And oooh, this isn’t only a successful experiment, but also a fun, insightful look at a powerful business strategy. Watch the video right to the end.

Jason Barnard’s Website Emerges as Key Source for Barking Dogs’ Information on Google

[00:00:00] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): Hi everybody, I’m Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy from Kalicube. I wanted to share some of what we’ve been doing. Nell Santos, huge congratulations to you taking control of the Barking Dogs on Google. 

[00:00:11] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): Number one, the description is from my own website,, and when we look at the albums, for example, Bark here, we see the Filterpills album by the Barking Dogs, it’s understood. And we’ve got these two albums people also search for. When we go through to Spasm, we see that this image here comes from And if we then look at Converse, and so does this one, by the way. So, Google is taking to be the definitive source for information alongside this official site that we created a couple of months ago that we’re hoping to make the entity home if that’s a thing that’s possible with the music album. We’ll soon see. But then, if I look at Spasm and with Converse we get the Barking Dogs, Apple Music, Jason Barnard, Spotify and Amazon and once again here Jarno van Driel pointed out to me that’s huge that it’s using the image from my site and not from Apple or from Spotify or from Amazon.

Jason Explains Google’s Deep Understanding of The Barking Dogs’ Music

[00:01:15] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): Then we can look even deeper and if we look at, for example, here, Weary Souls, a song that I wrote back in the day, and we can see once again the Barking Dogs, Jason Barnard, Daily Motion, and it’s me playing the guitar from the 1990s. Although I’m a double bass player, I played the guitar on this particular song.

[00:01:34] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): Once again, here we go, we’re all the way down here, and down here, which is unfortunate. But that’s because this is a page for Spasm, whereas this is specifically about the song Weary Souls. So as you can see, Google’s getting a really, really good grip on exactly What this group is about, which albums they’ve recorded, and which songs are on which albums and where to find the videos.

[00:02:04] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): And then here, as soon as you search for the Barking Dogs with a geo region, you end up with local results all mixed in, which is absolutely delightful as well. And one more thing was that I found here, if we go, the Barking Dogs. And now this, one of the songs is called Basta, there we get the image or the YouTube video that I posted a few months ago of the song with our own visuals taken from YouTube.

Optimizing Video Source on Brand SERP through Website Integration

[00:02:34] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): What I think I might do now is add that to my website and the Barking Dogs website and see if we can get this video to come from there instead of from YouTube. And as you can see this is on my channel which is delightful. If you want to watch that song, it’s quite a good laugh. 

[00:02:52] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): And I just want to see what’s going to turn up here now, just to say goodbye. Oh, there you go. Basta is a song written by Jason Barnard and performed by the Barking Dogs on two of their albums. Wow. Played live from 1993 to 1996. You can listen to the song on Spotify, YouTube and Deezer. That’s amazing. It’s fully understood exactly what we were saying about it and it’s taken it from our websites. It’s simply taken that because I wrote it and it was easy to understand for Google. So that’s coming from YouTube. Thank you very much. 

Harnessing the Power of Brand SERP for Enhanced Brand Control: Insights from The Brand SERP Guy

[00:03:31] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): An experiment on a group, but if that group were a company and that company had products, albums that they could sell with other products, songs that they can also sell, then that becomes hugely, hugely powerful.

[00:03:45] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): So I would suggest that you don’t underestimate the power of this experiment in terms of controlling the brand message in Knowledge Panels and brand SERP for companies – the Barking Dogs, albums which are products, and songs which are sub-products. Thank you very much. And I’ll see you soon.

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