DeepCrawl Knowledge Panel

Following the Knowledge Graph update yesterday (29th October 2021), there has been some chatter around missing / losing Knowledge Panels.

As with any Google algo or dataset update, there are “winners and losers”. But in this case, it seems to be well-known brands losing out, which is a little unusual. Reuben Yau pointed out Search Engine Journal, Searchmetrics, Ahrefs, Deepcrawl and a few others.

It is important to bear in mind that a presence in the Knowledge Graph doesn’t guarantee a knowledge panel on a Brand SERP. Recognition of the entity in the query, ambiguity, probability, geo…. all play a role in determining if the knowledge panel is shown or not. So the fact that a knowledge panel isn’t triggered doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t exist.

In that context, the most interesting case here is Deepcrawl.

Deepcrawl Still has theirs, but it doesn’t show on the Brand SERP. Since May 2020, it always appeared on their exact match brand name query.

Interestingly, the confidence score in the Main Knowledge Graph has been steadily falling for DeepCrawl since May 2020 and hit a new low with yesterday’s update.

This is interesting BUT, importantly but this is only one of many factors that need to be considered in knowledge panel management.

The point here is more that at Kalicube, we have hundreds of data points on all this for brands we track. And I am absolutely convinced this tracking and measurement and proactive management is super duper important (and fun !).

I hope other people will see things this way too: since 2015 I have “bet the farm” on building as a platform to track, measure and find the keys to optimising Brand SERPs and managing knowledge panels.

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