Thumbnail: Song Boxes and Thumbnails in the Left Rail
Songs Boxes and Thumbnails in the Left Rail

00:00 Missing songs in my Knowledge Panel 
00:14 Songs now have a Brand SERP feature!
00:22 Movement of Knowledge Panel attributes in Brand SERPs 
00:37 Thumbnails of Songs (Filter Pills results)
00:48 Relevance of Songs thumbnails to products


Hi, I’m Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy. And today I find something interesting on my Brand SERP. I have the Knowledge Panel, as always, but on the right-hand side here, we’re missing the songs. And they’ve been moved onto the main Brand SERP here.

I have never seen that before. I’ve seen it for major movie stars or major musicians where Google will move part of the Knowledge Panel over onto the left-hand side.

Songs – I haven’t seen before and certainly not for me because songs aren’t particularly a big part of my current life. And then if we go through here, we see all the songs with these images that we’ve been creating and putting onto my site and Google is picking up more and more of them to use as thumbnails for those songs.

Now, doesn’t maybe seem incredibly important, but if you imagine songs as products at some point product owners, the companies that own the products are going to need to control or try to control which thumbnail images Google is using for those products.

So an interesting morning for me looking at the songs right in the middle of the left-hand rail.

Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

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