Google is testing the option to give a review for a company directly on the SERP. It seems that, when I visit an online store and Google believes it is likely I made a purchase, then the next time I search for that brand, I am offered the option to leave a review right on the SERP.

This has happened to me several times – a few weeks ago with Apple, and today with Thomann (a musical instrument shop in Germany).

Give a Service Review on Google SERP

00:00 Brand SERP for Thomas sampler pedal
00:16 Google offering to give a review
00:28 Jason gives a review
01:27 Reviewing the review right off the SERP


Hi, I’m Jason Barnard. I’m the Brand SERP Guy and I wanted to look at the reviews that Google now are allowing us to give right on the SERP. Now I just searched for Thomann sampler pedals because I intend to start recording some music.

And I visited this site before, Google suspects that I might possibly have bought something from them, last time I visited them from Google. So it’s offering me the option of give a review. And I think I actually did buy something from them. So I can click on yes and then I can say when I bought it, so I bought something in the last week.

And then, do I want to give a review about product delivery, product quality, returns, which I haven’t done and customer service? So we’re going to go for that, the product delivery and the product quality. We’re five out of five. Let’s go for fast delivery and the product were as described.

I actually love Thomann. I think they’re great. It’s kind of the magic shop for musicians, where you go inspire and look at all the things that you can buy and dream of the great guitars and pedals and things that you get but that’s beside the point. I am thrilled.

So giving them a great review. I’ve given a review and we can now see the reviews that I’ve given and Thomann have got a positive review for me right off the SERP without me having to visit their Google My Business panel, Trustpilot or another platform, or even their site.

Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

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