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Google is constantly improving all its products for users and with Brand SERPs, Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy, has made another incredible find.

Jason demonstrates how Google Chrome now integrates a SERP into a webpage! He focuses on Brand SERPs, of course, and uses Kalicube and his own name as examples. When a user Googles a brand name, then visits the website, the Brand SERP can now be accessed from the website itself. How cool is that? One thing is certain, it makes Brand SERP optimisation even MORE important.

Plus a bonus point! Brand SERPs are getting richer, especially with the cards at the top as seen on Jason’s Brand SERP, but that’s something for another Brand SERP News 🙂

A New Update on Chrome: Clicking the Icon on the Side Will Present You With a Sidebar Panel of the Brand or Person

[00:00:00] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): Hi, I’m Jason Barnard. I’m The Brand SERP Guy. And today, I’m going to share with you something that I hadn’t seen before in Chrome, to do with Brand SERPs strangely. Now, if I search brand name then I click on it. I arrive on the homepage of the website. And here, I hadn’t seen this icon before. You click on it and you get this Panel on the right hand side with the Brand SERP repeated.

Brand SERPs Can Now Be Examined Within the Website of the Brand or the Person Through the Sidebar Panel

[00:00:21] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): So, Brand SERPs can now be examined from within the site itself. And if I search my own name, we see something else which is really interesting. Jason Barnard and these are lovely. The cards at the top here, making the Brand SERP even more rich and it makes it even more important to manage the content that Google is going to be showing that.

The Sidebar Panel Starts With the Knowledge Panel of the Brand or Person, Then It Shows Their Brand SERP

[00:00:44] The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard): But that’s a story for another day. Here I am on my own website, click on the Google results and bingo. It starts with the Knowledge Panel, the facts that Google has understood. And that makes Knowledge Panels even more important than they were before. And then continues down with the Brand SERP. Absolutely delightful. I find this incredibly exciting in the little world that is Brand SERPs. Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

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