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Key Moments in episode 62 of the Daily Brand SERP series:

00:00 Brand SERP for Zac Farro
00:26 Zac Farro’s knowledge panel without an entity home
00:53 Looking for Zac’s entity home
01:17 What’s the content of Zac Farro’s website?
01:43 How can Google get a grip on Zac’s website?
02:09 Why is Zac’s entity home present in his knowledge panel in the UK?

Zac Farro’s Knowledge Panel Doesn’t Have an Entity Home. Why Not?

Zac Farro is a famous musician (the drummer for the rock band Paramore) and a visual artist.

For this super talented person, his Knowledge Panel is filled with helpful and up-to-date information about him. But searching from the United States, his entity home is missing. In fact, he has his own website, the problem is just his site is not ranking on the first page. One requirement for the Entity Home to display in a knowledge panel on Google is ranking it on the Brand SERP’s first page. Zac Farro’s ranks on page two. Why? It is filled with a great collection of photographs but lacks text content. He should start working on that in order to boost his way to the first page 😉

Kalicube’s #DailyBrandSERP  September 8th 2021 presented by the Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard.


Hi, I’m Jason Barnard. I’m the Brand SERP Guy and today, we’re looking at the Brand SERP for Zack Farro, a musician I hadn’t heard of before today, and obviously famous musician of some sort with lots of movies and albums. So, I’m obviously just totally out of touch with youth culture today. But the point isn’t whether or not I have any connection to youth culture, it’s about this knowledge panel.

Now, here you can see the new design that Google’s rolling out in America at the moment. And I think we’ll roll out around the rest of the world very soon. It’s currently the end of August, 2021. So this might be old news by the time you watch this, but right now it’s pretty new. And we can see here that he doesn’t have an entity home.

We don’t see the little world icon with a site next to it, which indicates that Google has found the entity home, his official site. Now, I was curious as to why it wouldn’t have found his official site because his official site is there. What’s interesting is it doesn’t rank on the first page and the entity home doesn’t show because Google cannot pull it anywhere from the second, third, fourth, fifth page.

It can only pull it from the first because it does rank. If we look here, page two. Now, that where it did ranked page two, last time I looked. There he is. So, as you can see, it’s got not a great amount of content and that’s the problem. It simply isn’t ranking because there’s nothing in this page. That Google can really get a grip on in order to rank it.

So, there would be a great tip for Zack Farro would be to add some information here. Some words that Google can get a grip on so that it ranks page one, not on page two, and he would get this entity home showing in this panel, which I think would be a good plus for him because people reading his knowledge panel would, assuming their fans would then want to click through to the site.

That would be a better user experience. But interestingly enough, if you look in the UK, we do see it because that page does rank here. And I would guess that’s because in the UK he’s less famous, less competition, easier for that page to rank, even though it has no content. So Zach, get some content written content, not just photos on that home page, get your entity home, showing in your knowledge panel to serve your fans a little bit better.

Thank you very much. See you soon.

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