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Key Moments in episode 138 of the Daily Brand SERP series:

00:00 Brand SERP for The Rock
00:08 Looking at a pseudonym Brand SERP
00:29 Dwayne Johnson’s super-duper rich knowledge panel
00:54 The Rock’s entity home is Facebook!
01:11 How to move his entity home?
01:40 Practical tip: The Rock needs to create a site he controls

The Rock’s Entity Home is Facebook! He Should Move it to a Site he Controls

Google sometimes chooses a social account as an Entity Home, which isn’t ideal.

For The Rock, Google has chosen his Facebook profile as his Entity Home.

The Entity Home is phenomenally important since it is from here that you can educate Google about who yourself. This means, you should choose an Entity Home on a website you own and then convince Google to use that page to get the facts about you straight from the horse’s mouth.

So what are the best choices for an Entity Home? Here are some that The Rock may consider 😉

The about me page on the person’s personal site.

The homepage on the person’s personal site.

The about page on the person’s company website.

How to Trigger a Personal Knowledge Panel in Google

Watch until the end to find out more 😉

Kalicube’s #DailyBrandSERP  November 23rd 2021 presented by the Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard.


Hi, I’m Jason Barnard. I’m the Brand SERP Guy and today, we’re looking at the Brand SERP for Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. Now, multiple interesting things with this Brand SERP. Number one, is I search for The Rock, but it shows me Dwayne Johnson, I would assume that if I search for Dwayne Johnson, it will show me Dwayne Johnson, too. Brilliant.

So, the idea here from my perspective is I’m looking at a pseudonym and I’m trying to do that with the Brand SERP Guy but that’s not the story for today.

The story is this right-rail, if we look here, he’s got a very rich right-rail, including his movies. He’s doing the cameos, which something really interesting, where people who are experts in whatever industry they’re in or superstars like Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, can share answers to their audience’s questions.

The profiles and People Also Search For, absolutely brilliant but my slight problem here is that, his entity home is Facebook. Now, that isn’t ideal. An entity home, ideally should be on a site that you own, a site that you run, a site that you control a hundred percent. So, Dwayne Johnson has claimed his knowledge panel, presumably either through an ID or through Facebook, but in fact to move that entity home from Facebook to a site he controls, he could just create a site dedicated to himself it doesn’t need to be a big site, it can be a one-pager. I had a quick look and The Rock official site brings up no results. So I’m assuming he doesn’t have a personal site that represents him.

So, if you’re watching Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. I would suggest that you create a one-page website that represents you, where you can communicate with your audience but also you can educate Google and you need to control the source that Google trusts and right now that’s Facebook. It’s not bad but it’s not ideal.

Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

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