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Key Moments in episode 100 of the Daily Brand SERP series:

00:00 Brand SERP for The 100
00:07 The 100th episode of Daily Brand SERPs
00:17 Knowledge panel navigation filters
00:48 Imagining this movie is a product
01:07 Practical tip: Controlling the vertical of the imaginary “buy here” filter

Exploring the Sticky Filter Pills on the Knowledge Panel for The 100

Woohoo! It’s the first hundredth episode of the #DailyBrandSERP!

To make it extra special, here’s a fantasy drama series called The 100. The perfect entity for this special day 🙂

Exploring its Brand SERP has gotten much better with the sticky filters on the left hand side. These buttons make for a great user experience since the searcher can click through to go to a dedicated filtered result with detailed information about a specific aspect of the series.

But what if The 100 sci-fi drama were a more traditional product? Looking at this Brand SERP as a commercial product, amongst the filters that provide pure information, there is one that is equivalent to a “Buy here” filter button. This is a big deal and should really be a really big “ding-ding-ding”/”cha-ching” moment for Brands. Watch until the end 😉

Kalicube’s #DailyBrandSERP  October 17th 2021 presented by the Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard.


Hi and welcome. I’m Jason Barnard. I’m the Brand SERP Guy and today, we’re looking at the Brand SERP for The 100. The reason I chose The 100 TV series is because this is the hundredth episode of Daily Brand SERP, and I thought it would be fun to do something appropriate. Now what’s interesting here is the knowledge panel. Over here on the left, we’ve got navigation for the knowledge panel, which is over here. Now in the knowledge panel, Google is giving us an overview of the entity, in this case, the TV series. And over here on the left, it’s now offering filters. So I can go and look at the trailers and clips. I can watch the show. I can find reviews. I can look at what the episodes are. I can look at who the cast are. That’s incredibly interesting for me for researching this TV show that I’m interested in.

Now imagine it’s a product I can research directly within the knowledge panel with all these different vertical results. And eventually when I’ve decided that this is something I’m interested in, this is where I would buy the product.

In this case, as you can see they’re all commercial results for watching the TV show. So imagine this was a product and that your audience can research right there in the knowledge panel, and eventually go and buy from distributors that you choose in that vertical, if you can control it.

Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

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