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Key Moments in episode 73 of the Daily Brand SERP series:

00:00 Brand SERP for The Junction Inn
00:06 The history of my first pint of beer
00:32 Google’s got the wrong pub
01:16 Practical tip: What should they do so Google gets the right pub?

#1 Bluelink in The Junction Inn’s Brand SERP is a Long and Winding Road!

Getting a GMB for a bricks and mortar local business isn’t enough.

The Junction Inn is a pub in Otley. Because it doesn’t have a website, Google gets it wrong and another The Junction Inn is sitting at the top of their Brand SERP, even when Googling from right next door in Otley. They have their GMB panel, so potential customers like me, can get some information, but not enough. Ideally a customer would be able to find detailed information from the pub owner themself – having a dedicated website ranking #1 is the solution. A one-page website will actually do the job, want to know why? Here’s my explanation 😉

Kalicube’s #DailyBrandSERP  September 19th 2021 presented by the Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard.


Hi, I’m Jason Barnard. I’m the Brand SERP Guy and today, we’re looking at the Brand SERP for The Junction Inn, a pub in a town called Otley in the North of England. What’s interesting about Otley from my perspective is that I went to school in this town and this is the very first pub where I bought my first pint of beer.

And I remember being 18 years old, getting my passport and going into this pub instead of going to school in the afternoon. But don’t tell my teachers to buy my very first legal pint of beer. Now, why is it interesting from a Brand SERP perspective while on the right you’ve got their Google My Business, which is fairly typical. On the left, you’ve got The Junction Inn – Otley Pub Club. The Junction Inn – Otley Restaurants. But you’ll notice that here, The Junction Inn actually has Denshaw. And in fact, Google’s got the wrong pub. The one that’s ranking number one. And in fact, I think number four is this pub, which is in Oldham.

So I would’ve had to drive 53 minutes to get to this other pub if I was looking for The Junction Inn where Jason Barnard famously or infamously had his very first legal beer. And what’s interesting is that this is ranking number one, despite the fact that it’s a long way away. It’s 35 miles. I think.

They have a one page website. This is a one pager and it’s ranking number one. So, my piece of advice for my very famous favorites Junction Inn is they could create a website. All they need is a one page website to rank number one, so that when I’m in Otley, as I was here, when I searched for this, I would find not only the correct Google My Business, but also the correct pub right at the top.

So I could go and look at the menu and what kind of great offers they have and perhaps even the concerts if they still have concerts. So, thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you very soon.

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