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Key Moments in episode 32nd of the Daily Brand SERP series:

00:00 Brand SERP for EBuyer
00:16 Hard to get and easy win in a Brand SERP
00:29 Sitelinks search box instructions
00:39 Effortless sitelinks search box by EBuyer
01:01 Practical tip: What to do to gain this SERP feature faster

How to Get Sitelinks Search Box in Your Brand SERP – Ebuyer example

Having a Search Box for your site in Google is pretty cool. Ebuyer is lucky ! They didn’t need to lift a finger to have this feature. 99% of brands aren’t so lucky. If you want a cool SERP feature for your company, there’s a simple trick 🙂 Just watch this video, then read Google’s own how-to guide.

Kalicube’s #DailyBrandSERP August 9th 2021 presented by the Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard.


Hi, I am Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP Guy. And today I’m looking at the Brand SERP for Ebuyer. I don’t know who they are, but they have a Brand SERP so I’m interested. They have their site at the top. They have the rich site links. They have people also ask. They have their Twitter boxes and their Facebook page, and they’ve associated themselves with some of the major brands that they actually sell, which is great.

One interesting thing is this search box in the rich site links. How did they get that? If we look at Google’s instructions, it tells you exactly what to do, and it involves installing some schema markup. What’s intriguing here is that Ebuyer have not installed that schema markup recommended by Google, but they still have the search box in that rich site links.

Google really likes the site. It really understands it well. And it’s figured out, which is the search page on this site. But Ebuyer rather left this to chance. I would suggest if you want one of these rich site links search boxes, you would do well to follow Google’s well set out instructions. Thank you very much.

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